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With over 30 years experience, SimpleTech delivers innovative business and home technology solutions that help move your technology forward.

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Proactive Support

SimpleTech takes action by anticipating problems before they occur. Making sure that you have less company downtime.

Support Ticketing

By offering our clients the ability to submit support tickets, SimpleTech is able to monitor the progress of your technology concerns.

Client Satisfaction

SimpleTech has been able to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring to provide our clients with personalized solutions.

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Customer Feedback 

We run a complicated business that relies heavily on integrated technology to perform essential medical care. As such, we needed an IT consulting firm who was not only an expert, but was highly accessible and immediately responsive. SimpleTech has not only met our needs but surpassed our expectations. They are available to us at a moment’s notice and have the skill set to resolve any issue that we have faced. SimpleTech designed our entire IT infrastructure and took it upon themselves to learn our practice management software so that they could satisfy our industry-specific needs. In addition, SimpleTech’s proactive in warning us about new viruses, updating our system and otherwise making sure that we are taken care of before problems arise instead of waiting to react to them. They are knowledgeable, professional, courteous and completely trustworthy.

J. Deutsch

SimpleTech Client

SimpleTech is fabulous. They are knowledgeable, informed, efficient and smart, takes care of business effectively and efficiently. SimpleTech taps right into their customers’ needs and are excellent problem-solvers.

Laura H.

SimpleTech Client

I am a small business owner in the real estate industry.  Our technology is critical to running the company, especially when we travel or visit our properties, and we cannot tolerate down time.  SimpleTech is the perfect solution for my business to have access to the type of IT professionals that larger firms have but at cost we can afford.  They are always responsive and often solve any issues with one phone call.  SimpleTech has always been there for us, even on weekends, when we need them.

Dean D.

SimpleTech Client

Great service! The first time I brought in an IT consultant, about 8 years ago, the representative sold me an expensive system which was supposed to be top-of-the line for large offices. It never worked to our satisfaction, and we were constantly trying to reset our wifi and augment with repeaters around the house.

SimpleTech came in and carefully analyzed our home. They recommended scrapping the old equipment and replacing with newer, less expensive technology. All in all, we paid much less and it works a whole lot better. My son thanked us every day for a week! Great service from a trustworthy and reliable company. Thanks, SimpleTech.

Scott K.

SimpleTech Client